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Find Help For Your Arthritis Pain

Chronic pain from arthritis. You live with it, along with the dysfunction it can cause. Fortunately, board-certified rheumatologist Dr. Jeffrey Alper and Dr. Alain Alvarez, offer hope to their Naples area patients with proven plans to manage arthritis pain. The goal is your fullest life possible.

What Causes Arthritis Pain?

Inflammation, wear and tear or a disease process breaks down connective tissue. These are the causes of arthritis pain. Typically, these factors originate in the aging process, heredity, injury (either repetitive or impact), and continual stress and overworking of muscle groups.

Plus, your body type and lifestyle choices degrade joints and change your level of pain. If you are overweight, tend to be sedentary or smoke, you likely will suffer more intense and widespread arthritis pain.

Getting Help For Your Arthritis Pain in Naples

Both Dr. Alper and Dr. Alvarez are board-certified rheumatologists, experts in the pathophysiology and management of arthritis. Despite its tremendous advancement and spotlight position in health news, joint replacement is not the first line of defense against the stiffness, redness, tenderness, and limited mobility associated with arthritis. Instead, these expert physicians offer less invasive, but effective, interventions.

When you come to the office for an evaluation, your rheumatologist will review your health history, medications and any recent diagnostic tests. Also, he’ll discuss your symptoms. From there, he may order lab work or other tests to understand your arthritis pain and its triggers.

The Care Plan

It’s as individualized as you and your arthritis are. It may include a combination of treatments such as:

  • NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory medications in pill form)
  • Lidocaine injections directed into inflamed muscle bundles (trigger points)
  • Physical therapy and a program of daily stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Application of cold to reduce swelling
  • Application of heat (especially hot showers or baths) to increase circulation
  • Braces and orthoses (shoe inserts to modify gait and cushion and protect the feet)
  • Corticosteroid injections to decrease swelling

Manage It and Live well

Together you and your Naples, FL, rheumatologist can manage your arthritis pain and increase your overall well-being. For more information on arthritis or to arrange a consultation with Dr. Alper or Dr. Alvarez, please call the office at (239) 262-6550.