What Should I Expect When I See a Rheumatologist?
By Jeffrey Alper, M.D., PA
May 13, 2020
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If you have stiffer than usual and aching joints that persist even with ample rest and home treatments and are negatively affecting your daily life, our rheumatologists (AOP) or arthritis doctors in our Naples, FL, office, Dr. Jeffrey Alper or Dr. Alain Alvarez can help. They can diagnose, treat, and manage rheumatic disease and arthritis pain.

What are Rheumatic Diseases?

Rheumatic Diseases are inflammatory and autoimmune conditions that cause your immune system to attack your muscles, joints, organs, and bones. They are typically grouped under the umbrella term arthritis, utilized for describing more than 100 conditions and diseases.

This includes the most common arthritis type called osteoarthritis, which results in the cartilage that cushions the joint bones to wear away. When this occurs, the synovial membrane responsible for safeguarding and lubricating the joints become inflamed and causes swelling and pain. Joint erosion then follows as a result of joints’ cartilage and bone breaking down.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind when it comes to rheumatic diseases is that significant damage to organs could occur, including the heart, lungs, eyes, skin, kidneys, and nervous system. Likewise, they could progress into conditions that are so severe that individuals suffering from them may find themselves unable to dress or bathe themselves. In addition, even the simplest tasks like walking or just getting up could cause severe pain and make the task more difficult, if not impossible.

When to Go to a Rheumatologist?

Almost everyone will experience joint and muscle pain at some point in their lives. When your symptoms don’t resolve on their own, however, you may need to be evaluated by your arthritis doctor or rheumatologist (AOP) in Naples, FL. If you’ve been experiencing arthritis pain from rheumatoid arthritis, whether or not you have an official diagnosis for it, and you’ve tried home treatments to no avail, it’s best to see your rheumatologist for a professional evaluation and effective treatment options.

If you have a history of autoimmune or rheumatic diseases in the family and/or if your symptoms are getting worse in just a short amount of time, you should also visit your rheumatologist for a checkup. Take note that permanent joint damage could occur if you ignore your symptoms and fail to treat them effectively. Don’t delay a professional assessment and proper treatment.

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