Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain in Naples, FL

Arthritis pain varies from case to case. It may be a constant throbbing pain and swelling in the joints, or a sharp pain that happens intermittently while you’re participating in certain activities. It can make the simplest functions, like walking down the street, a challenge. To relieve arthritis pain, your doctor can explore a variety of treatment options. The ultimate goal of treatment is to relieve your pain and improve your quality of life.

What Are the Causes of Arthritis Pain?
Some of the most common direct causes:

- An injury (common in athletes and patients who have certain occupations).
- Running, jumping, and twisting the body and limbs for athletic reasons over a long period of time.
- Rheumatoid arthritis - an inflammatory condition
- Natural aging process.

Easing Arthritis Pain
Modern medicine has made great strides in the treatment of arthritis pain. These are some of the most common therapies to discuss with your doctor:

- Therapeutic exercises for increased flexibility and mobility.
- NSAIDs and corticosteroid shots.
- Disease and biologic response modifying drugs.
- Surgical treatment to repair the joints.

Tips for Managing Arthritis
You can do things daily to alleviate and prevent arthritis pain. Focus on these tips for managing your arthritis symptoms and reducing the impact that this condition has on your life:

- Perform your doctor's recommended exercises each day, if only for a few minutes.
- Wear the brace or orthotic device prescribed by your doctor whenever you plan to workout, play sports, work, or type for an extended period of time.
- Make dietary changes that increase the number of helpful nutrients you consume each day, reduce alcohol consumption, and lose weight if extra pounds are putting pressure on your joints.

Seek Arthritis Treatment
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